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Agri / Scraper Rubber Tracks


Our plant manufactures Agri / Scraper rubber tracks which are Comparable to the top name brands at Competitive prices.



– Fully molded tread lugs, drive lugs and carcass for increased tear off resistance
– 5.4 mm inner cable diameter
– Helically wound steel cable reinforces the track and prevents stretching
– 4 layers of steel belting provides stiffness & durability
– Highly durable carcass featuring state-of-the-art rubber compounding technology
– Deep traction lugs for increased traction



CASE IH 9300,                   CASE IH STX

Challenger MT700,             Challenger MT800

CAT Challenger 35-55,       CAT Challenger 65-95

John Deere 8000,                John Deere 9000

John Deere 8RT,                 John Deere 9RT

Agricultural Track

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