John Gaylie, Adobe Construction

The Bobcat 331 rubber tracks from Dyne Industries are a perfect fit. I use my machine on just about every surface, such as on rocks, dirt, and gravel. I have already put 500 hours on the tracks, and so far there has been no sign of wearing or stretch. I am very satisfied with this result.

M. Hughes, Gulf Island, BC

I had Dyne tracks for 3 years on my excavator. I used them in very diverse conditions, both in gravel, and woods, and lots of grade work. I am very satisfied with their strength and durability. They stand very strong, don’t stretch, and don’t wear fast. Always being careful avoid large sharp rocks.

Super Mini, BC

I bought Dyne track about year and half ago. The OEM tracks from dealer is around C$2000 each, and I just paid around half per track from Dyne.
They are very durable tracks. I use them in back country lots and rough trains. They are good tracks for all general use. I used them 450 hrs a year and 800 -1000 working hours so far.

John Suddaby, J&F Enterprises, Huntsville, ON

I bought Dyne tracks for my Yanmar Vio50-2. I am very happy with the tracks.
The track design works very well for heavy duty jobs. I sometimes run my machine over rocks & ruts, and Dyne tracks have held up very well.
I will go back to Dyne in the future for my other track machines. I have already recommended Dyne to my friends.